Self Control in the pantry

I am astonished at how much food I have in my kitchen!  The shelves and cupboards are full.  Some things just sit there forever and some items rotate through quickly.  Many items just get thrown away!   How can that be?  I am a spoiled American that can eat what I want, when I want.  Despite the fact that I am filled to overflowing with food, I frequently decide that I want something different.  So, I pay for gas to go to the store and buy more.  Disgusting!  I am not even a wealthy person.  I live on little more than social security for my husband and myself.  But I have the luxury of choosing from an array of food.  Given reflection on this issue, I have decided to eat from my pantry, freezer and CSA share as long as possible.  I will give myself the liberty of buying milk, bread, eggs and ice cream (a must for my dear husband).

So my adventure begins.  I cleaned out my pantry shelves to see just exactly what is on hand.  How can anyone use so many spices and herbs?  I would take stock of the freezer but I am afraid to open it because everything falls out.  The ice cream is in the very front but don’t touch anything else in there.  Further, I have a stock of gluten free items for several of our family members.  Then there are the various grandchildren that don’t eat beans, vegetables, tomatoes, avocados, fish, olives, mushrooms, potatoes or sweet potatoes.  It can be a real challenge to have a family dinner.  Oh, then there is the vegetarian and no carbs contingent! I am lactose intolerant to milk and ice cream but I can eat small amounts of cheese and yogurt

Yesterday I made greens and beans for dinner.

I have two pounds of bacon in my house.  So I fried two slices till crispy. Remove from pan then saute until caramelized and onion and garlic-lots of garlic! (I forgot to mention the family members that won’t eat garlic.)

Remove from pan and add a pound of greens (I used rainbow chard but you can use kale, cabbage, spinach, or anything else you may have on hand.  From my CSA). Cook down until at texture you like then add 1/4 teaspoon of dried red pepper.  Rinse a can of cannolini beans and dump them in the pan with the greens.  Add the onions and garlic and some white wine or broth, whatever.  When everything seems just right throw in some vinegar (2 TBS for me)  and adjust salt and pepper as you like it.  Serve in a bowl.  That is dinner.  Nothing else needed.  Except for granddaddy’s ice cream for dessert.

Another thought about this adventure is this may not be health food .  You could eliminate the bacon and use EVOO or canola oil.